SEVEN STEPS to living out a vibrant and active lifestyle among friends!

Step 1—Attend an “Introductory Event”
This is the place to start! You will discover the power of working together with like-minded people to create a vibrant sustainable community.

Step 2—Associate Membership
The $500 associate membership includes entrance to group meetings, Successfully Aging Courses and financial qualification process. This gives you the opportunity to discover if the Senior Cohousing concept is right for you.

Step 3—Equity Membership
A $5,000 investment establishes the right to engage in the decision making process of the group, participate in design & programing workshops, and reserve a selected home unit. This investment will be matched by SageHill Partners and $10,000 will be credited to your final 20% down payment.

Step 4—Construction Financing
Additional investment calls may be made as the group approaches the construction financing stage. These investments will be credited to your final 20% down payment.

Step 5—Community Building

While the construction crews are hard at work you will focus on completing the vision for your community, fostering relationships, recruiting additional members, and defining the management structure and bylaws/policies for the community.

Step 6—Close on Your New Home and Move-In
Time for celebrating together and enjoying your new home.

Step 7—Post Move-In Workshop & Annual Retreats
Maintaining a strong and successful community requires ongoing relationship building and training.