Community is the cornerstone of any cohousing community.  Building true community takes effort and self-examination and, …… a guide to help you through the process. What is important is creating  a community of caring, like-minded people whom you can connect with in the second half of life.

Phase I
Before making a major decision like moving or choosing a different lifestyle attend our SG1 Aging Successfully Course.  This 10 session course offers many opportunities to learn from each other, to work together, and to put into practice new skills using the theme of aging successfully, with an emphasis on using cooperation to grow emotionally, socially, psychologically, and physically.

During the SG1 workshop groups will develop around shared values, stage of life, goals, lifestyles, interests or causes.  Several groups of like-minded people will emerge with a shared purpose to build a senior cohousing community together.  Others will take their new skills out into their own communities to build meaningful and sustainable relationships for this stage in their life.

Phase II
The active participation of residents, from the earliest planning stages through construction, is the first – and possibly the most important – component of building a loving and supportive community.  We hope you will take this journey with us.


Other Guiding Principles:

Building Green   Building Universal