We are a group of retired artists and teachers who wish to continue teaching and give back to the community through mentoring programs for both seniors and youth at risk. Our goal is for the village to provide both public and private art spaces to support working artists and community programs taught by village residents and partnering organizations. In addition to classes we aspire to Art shows, poetry readings, staged performances and more to contribute to a shared value within the community.

• An arts based village designed and managed by the residents to encourage aging with purpose, sharing of talents, and mentoring surrounding residents of all ages, incomes and abilities.
• The village will contain studio, rehearsal, and performance and exhibition spaces to serve residents and the community at large.
• Village residents will enrich the lives of others in the community by promoting social engagement arts enthusiasm.
• The village will be a conduit for lifelong learning in the arts, based on the understanding that this is healthy for older people, intergenerational mentoring is necessary, and establishing a role for older artists and teachers in the community is imperative.

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For More Information Contact:

Cindy Turnquist
SageHill Cohousing


Ken Crossley
EngAge Utah