Cindy founded SageHill partners in 2014 to foster the growth of innovative senior communities in Utah.  She is passionate about the benefits of aging in community and recognizes the need to improve community options for our expanding senior population.  She measures her success by her ability to provide a meaningful and positive impact on how and where we can live out our last chapters in life.

Cindy holds a degree in Architecture Technology and Construction Management, with an emphasis on green building, universal design and community building.  She sits on the board of two major Cohousing Associations; Coho/US where she leads their “Aging-In-Cohousing” Initiative, and SAGE Cohousing International.  She is also an appointed member on the Utah Commission on Aging.

Cindy has over 25 years of project management experience.  She lives in Salt Lake City, Utah with her husband Doug and is fortunate to be near her three children and seven grandchildren.