Who We Are
SageHill Partners was established in 2014 to bring a new model for aging-in-community to Utah – vibrant sustainable places to live out our lives among friends, with purpose, and in complete control.

Our goal is to create ten communities that inspire residents to unlock their full potential and build opportunities for sharing their wisdom and talents.

At SageHill we judge our performance based on our ability to provide a meaningful and positive impact on Utah’s aging population; including, housing, services, seniors at risk, the community, and the environment.

We understand the concept of building a neighborhood from the inside out. In addition to our team of cohousing experts we seek out and partner with the best and brightest forward thinking companies to guide the development process.

Why It Is Important
We believe that senior cohousing is the best model for successfully aging-in-place; economically, emotionally, physically, and environmentally.  It promotes healthier, engaged and creative living.  A growing body of longevity research confirms that being well connected to a supportive and caring community is the key to a long and healthy life.