Sustainable, intentional, interdependent living!

SageHill brings a NEW model for independent living to Utah. A model inspired by Senior Cohousing principles, where residents are actively involved in building a community that reflects their shared interests, values and purpose. Community members will come from a variety of backgrounds, income levels, family types and beliefs.  The common thread is empty nesters taking a proactive approach to aging successfully together.

The intentional sharing of resources, facilities, meals and co-care make our communities one of the most engaging, economical and environmentally-friendly options for aging-in-place.  The goal is never having to move again, and lowering your risk of receiving care in an institutional setting when that is not your setting of choice.

We plan to break ground on our first pilot community in 2018 in Salt Lake County. Both ownership
and rental options will be available. Early involvement and commitment is the key to creating the life you desire.

Explore the possibilities and become a member of one of our forming communities TODAY.